OTDS version 1.9.2 veröffentlicht

OTDS version 1.9.2 veröffentlicht

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

The OTDS association has published the bugfix version OTDS 1.9.2. after working off as many as 21 tickets. Those have been set up for improving features, eliminating flaws and adding helpful information to the documentation.

An important alteration applies to the naming of OTDS data deliveries: here the number of digits placed before the file name has been increased from three to five. The predefined target groups for accommodations listed in the „AccommodationTargetgroups“ now also contain „HoneyMooner“. For „Weekdays“ English denominations for weekdays with a length of three characters (e.g. Tue) have been defined as Values. In addition more special characters for „TagValues“ have been released.

Details regarding those and and all other novelties are described in the bugfix report for version 1.9.2. Members of the OTDS association but also all other registered persons can access the bugfix report and of course also the links for downloading the XSD-scheme files and the documentation via the OTDS-Forum.