travel-IT processes OTDS travel data of FTI Touristik

travel-IT processes OTDS travel data of FTI Touristik

travel-IT from Mülheim, Germany, has connected yet another OTDS-Player to its particular data bases. As a result the travel technology provider obtains the packaged travel data as well as the hotel-only offers of tour operator FTI Touristik in the innovative data format of OTDS. Michael Kalt, CEO of travel-IT and also member of the Board of Directors of the OTDS association, is excited about the higher data quality of the FTI’s offers: „We now dispose of a larger number of offers than before. Also there are fewer price corrections and „fully booked“-notifications for our customers. In addition we now can search for familiy prices or direct flights within the FTI portfolio.“

The OTDS-player for FTI is provided by Bewotec, which as a travel technology company is also a driving force and member of the OTDS association. „The OTDS-player now delivers the entire FTI product portfolio via online inquiries in a very high data quality“, Bewotec’s CEO Michael Becher explains. „A special challenge was to display the enormous range of offers that FTI provides for all product types.“

travel-IT up to now is the only distribution system that besides the OTDS format also works with the EDF format by Peakwork as well as provides cache data and dynamically produced offers. At present travel-IT obtains the travel offers of the following tour operators and groups within the EDF- or OTDS format: TUI, Thomas Cook, DER Touristik, Alltours, Schauinsland Reisen, Olimar, Bentour, Ameropa-Reisen and FTI.

As a result the capabilities to adjust requests and search settings to the needs of the customers increase. Due to that travel-IT will enhance its search and compare tool LMplus and enable the search for specific flight times. The expansion of search criteria is also planned for the websites of customers of travel-IT.