Schmetterling kicks off OTDS-processing of FTI-data

Schmetterling kicks off OTDS-processing of FTI-data

Gschwand/Munich/Berlin – Since end of September the hotel data of tour operator brand FTI Touristik are available in the OTDS standard in Schmet­terling’s consulting and comparison tool Vanessa as well as in the IBE Urania. Travel offers thus have a higher data quality and quantity than with the prior used formats INFX and KATI.

schmetterlingIn close cooperation with FTI Schmetterling started into the processing of OTDS data. As a first milestone the integration of hotel-only data has been successfully completed, now package travel and dynamic content of FTI Touristik and all remaining brands of FTI GROUP follow suite. After that Schauinsland-Reisen will be the next tour operator to migrate its OTDS data delivery to Schmetterling to the OTDS standard.

„The data quality of the hotel-only offers of FTI Touristik in Vanessa increased significantly after the switch to OTDS“, states Tanja Vodermayer, Head of Datamanagement at FTI GROUP. Currently 96% of prices are displayed correctly and 93% of all offers are available. Those values were at only 83% respectively 81% with the data format INFX. Also the amount of offers increased, as the rule-based format allows for a faster production and processing of the data: after the migration approximately 530 million FTI hotel-only offers are integrated on a daily base. This figure reached only 300 million with INFX.

The team of Schmetterling Head of IT Ömer Karaca made the data processing at Schmetterling fit for OTDS in as little as ten weeks. „With regard to the complexity of the format and the product rules of FTI that was comparably quick“, Karaca explains. „The high quality of the FTI-OTDS and the comprehensive OTDS documentation facilitated the implementation significantly.“

The OTDS association welcomes the fact that with long-time member Schmet­terling yet another distribution system processes data in the state-of-the-art OTDS standard. Office manager Steffi Schweden concludes:

The fact that OTDS data now may also be delivered to Schmetterling strongly supports establishing our open format as THE touristic data standard and is yet another step to replace old and inflexible formats in the mid-term.