FTI and Traffics finalize the OTDS-implementation successfully

The FTI GROUP is on home straight concerning the complete migration to the up-to-date OTDS standard: just recently the integration of OTDS data deliveries for the brands FTI Touristik and 5vorFlug in the Traffics cache have been completed successfully.

The FTI GROUP also migrated the data deliveries for packaged trips by FTI Touristik and 5vorFlug to Traffics to the OTDS-standard. The hotel-only data of FTI Touristik, XFTI, and 5vorFlug as well as the X5vorFlug- and BigXtra-offers are already being processed in OTDS at Traffics for quite some time. The OTDS data are thus completely available in CosmoNaut, Traffics‘ search- and compare tool for travel agencies, as well as in the Evolution Internet Booking Engine.

The FTI GROUP is the first tour operator to fuel all major German leisure travel distribution systems with high-quality OTDS-data. „We will shortly reach our declared goal to switch off data formats such as INFX, KATI, and Datamix in all distribution systems in favor of the industry standard“, explains FTI Head of Group Data & Distribution System Management Tanja Vodermayer. FTI will then produce data exports exclusively in modern XML-formats and may send the very same file with OTDS-data to the distribution systems mentioned above respectively fill its OTDS-Players with it. „This streamlines our processes significantly and saves hardware costs”, adds Vodermayer. Another major advantage is of course the considerably improved data quality, that reaches around 94% correctly displayed prices for FTI Touristik hotel-only in Traffics (packaged travel: 87%) and approx. 95% available offers (packaged travel: 90%).

The new technology platform on which the Traffics-tools CosmoNaut and the Evolution IBE run, as well as the Connector interface allows to benefit from further OTDS advantages as compared to legacy standards: for searches there is a filter for non-stop flights. Also before long alternative flight connections of different airline origins will be displayed for packaged trips.