WBS Blank produces OTDS for OLIMAR

The inventory management provider WBS Blank now delivers high-quality OTDS data for Portugal-specialist OLIMAR Reisen to the sales channels.

OLIMAR Reisen uses the OTDS Export Module by WBS Blank in order to optimize its data production. Top objective of OLIMAR is a constant premium data quality in the distribution channels combined with a optimized flexibility in its production processes.

The OTDS solution by WBS Blank allows both: for the important indices “correct prices” and “availability” the data quality in Traveltainment’s systems currently reach up to 92% respectively 93%. The integration of OLIMAR’s OTDS in further distribution systems is already ongoing. The close interlocking of the OTDS production with the WBS Blank Inventory System enables a real-time, accurate adjustment of the OTDS delivery after alterations in the OLIMAR master data: „To produce OTDS directly from the WBS Blank system gives us huge flexibility for steering our production“, explains OLIMAR’s CEO Pascal Zahn. „We were able to increase our data quality quotes significantly, which is especially crucial within these months with very high booking activity.”

OLIMAR is the second customer of WBS Blank Software to migrate its production process to the OTDS standard. „The solution we developed with our pilot customer Schauinsland-Reisen is modular and may quickly be adapted for new users”, reports Helmut Telgmann, Manager Product & Services at WBS Blank. The established processes between the IT solution provider from Offenbach and Travel­tainment in addition to the proven high-quality OTDS allow for short implementation cycles in its distribution system. Several WBS Blank customers already opted for the OTDS migration and will benefit from those advantages in the months to come as well as from the WBS Blank Full-Service-offer. It includes the admin support, the analysis of error reports, recommmendations for optimized master data management, and much more.