Egypt expert ETI now transmits OTDS data

Egypt expert ETI now transmits OTDS data

The Frankfurt-based tour operator ETI Express Travel International from now on transmits its data in the Open Travel Data Standard (OTDS) to the Traveltainment systems. Thus it expands the number of tour operators working on the WBS Blank system delivering its product data to the distribution channels in OTDS.

„Sun specialist“ ETI since 1998 belongs to the largest Egypt tour operators on the German market and meanwhile offers eight other destinations, for which the hotel-only content is being converted via the OTDS-Modul of WBS Blank for the integration in Traveltainment caches. In a second step the package trips will follow. In addition the IBEs on the ETI website will be based on OTDS data in the near future.

ETI with the migration to OTDS benefits from a significantly reduced production time, which for the 20 million hotel-only data records shrunk from approximatly 16 hours to as little as 45 minutes compared to the legacy production in the INFX standard. As Traveltainment thanks to OTDS is able to process the data faster as well, the offers are available in travel agencies and in many websites extremly quick after its compilation and thus very up-to-date.

„Our RED SEA HOTELS and the other hotels are now present in Traveltainment with a much better data quality regarding availabilities and correct prices“, ETI-manager Ulrike Runge explains. „As an example the availability for hotel-only offers is as high as 95 percent, the share of offers that vary in price during the search process is as low as four percent. The fact that thanks to the leaner standard a much greater number of offers can be transmitted daily to Traveltainment is yet another argument for changing to OTDS.“ This is also true for packaged trips, which will be migrated by the tour operator system WBS Blank for ETI by the end of October.

„OTDS has become a real standard for the travel industry within only a few years time – no wonder, as a large part of the branch is already actively working with it”, adds Dr. Oliver Rengelshausen, CEO of Traveltainment as well as Chairman of the Board of the OTDS association. “We appreciate also specialists like ETI recognizing the fact, that the advantages clearly outweigh the effort. The improved data quality in the Traveltainment Systemen speaks for itself.”