OTDS 2.0 published

The Technical Committee of the OTDS association on February 7 approved the new OTDS version 2.0 and published it.
Version 2.0 contains new features and numerous alterations that are downward compatible. Only few aspects, that are explicitly marked in the revision history, are not downward compatible.

These are the most important new features of the most recent version of the Open Travel Data Standard:

  • Integration of “Non Bookable Content”-elements such as descriptive texts and media data as well as the enabling for multi-language. As a result, the integration of e.g. information about hotels, destinations, and addon-services in various languages, of pictures and videos, and of reference systems as for instance the Giata-IDs now becomes possible.
  • By introducing the Compare construct, product components may now be combined much more flexibly under given conditions. For example it can now be defined, that a certain hotel cannot be combined with flights that land after a given hour.
  • The new AccomodationWrapper, FlightWrapper, and Addon-Wrapper allow for expressing a sequence of flights and several hotels with rooms, boards, and durations – an important basis for depicting tours with several stops in OTDS.
  • In order to fuel optimisation, in version 2.0 an Availability-State-Filter has been introduced on the product layer. This will facilitate the steering of the availability in relation to the product type.
  • For the expression of DataMix-products delivered via OTDS the handling has been fundamentally revised.

All changes and optimizations are comprehensively described in the revision history of version 2.0, which – just like the most recent XSD-scheme files and the supporting documentation – is to be found in the Wiki of the OTDS-Forum.

We gladly receive your feedback concerning the new version via E-Mail: info.schweden@otds.de.