New member Pribas joins the OTDS Association

The OTDS-Verein registers a continuous growth impulse: On August 1, Travel Technology company pribas GmbH joined. The companies in the Pribas Group specialise in the travel industry and offer their customers IT solutions for the packaging and distribution of complex package tours and modular travel. In this context, owner Arnulf Pribas now wants to focus on the Open Travel Data Standard: “OTDS is standardized, fast and of high quality – it is therefore indispensable in the tourism value chain. By joining the association we want to support and further promote the development of OTDS.”

As a service provider on behalf of the tour operators, Pribas receives data from the suppliers in various formats (in future preferably in OTDS), processes them and forwards them to the sales channels in the OTDS format if requested. Potential beneficiaries from Pribas’ customer base include DMCs, bed banks, hotels and tour operators for whom Pribas supports dynamic production.