Version change at OTDS: Version 2.1 is released

Along with the start of the new year, the OTDS format is also renewed: On January 15, 2019, version 2.1 was released. This version is largely downward compatible to the main version 2.0 except for a correction of one bug.

OTDS 2.1 including its updated specification is now available on the Wiki page of the OTDS Forum. The only requirement for accessing the forum is a one-time, free registration in the upper part of this website.

Among the most important new features of this version are:

  • Revision BookingNameSpace
  • @Class for Properties
  • Extension of the update option for tags
  • Simplification of the distribution of prices to certain persons

These and all other changes to version 2.1 are listed in the change history, which is also available on the Wiki page.