OTDS goes Slovenia: Travel Tech provider ORS has opted for the format and joins the association

The Slovenian travel technology provider ORS, which brings tour operators, supplier and travel agencies together via its digital travel platform, is convinced of the advantages of the Open Travel Data Standard (OTDS): soon the travel content in ORS may therefore also be delivered in the OTDS format.

Today ORS unites more than 120 tour operators from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia in its system. Several of the German and Austrian tour operators have already converted their data production to OTDS, so they could deliver their travel offers in this efficient format as soon as ORS has set up its OTDS processing. In addition, ORS intends to recommend the use of OTDS to its tour operators from other markets in order to reduce the current format muddle.
The search & compare tool and booking system ORS Smart is also used internationally by approximately 400 users from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Italy with more markets to come.

“OTDS as a standard is of great strategic importance for ORS and will make it easier for us to further penetrate the Eastern European markets with its growing travel interests,” explains CEO Jure Arnus the reason to deploy the format. For the company based in Maribor, becoming a member of OTDS e.V. on 1 June 2019 is the logical consequence of this strategy.