With E-Systemy the OTDS association wins another Polish member

With the entry of the Polish travel technology company Elektroniczne Systemy Sprzedaży Sp. Z oo z o. o. (short: E-Systemy) OTDS e.V. successfully continues its internationalization tendencies.

E-Systemy, founded 1999 in Wrocław, with 30 employees develops software for the Polish travel industry. The central product is the travel agency software MerlinX, which is popular in Poland and Romania. MerlinX is an extended search and comparison tool as well as a booking system for travel offers, which unites the largest tour operators and flight operators from Poland and neighbouring countries.

For CEO Tomasz Berdowski, OTDS is an important technological vehicle to optimize the data quality of German tour operators such as TUI, DER Touristik and ETI in MerlinX and to better support their processes. Currently E-Systemy is building up the infrastructure and know-how for interpretating OTDS.

“It would be nice to establish OTDS with Polish tour operators in a second step”, says Tomasz Berdowski. “Then not only would the 2,500 travel agencies working with MerlinX benefit from the significantly better data quality, but we at E-Systemy could switch off legacy data formats and concentrate on the powerful OTDS standard”.