OTDS versions 1.9.4. and 2.1.1 with property updates released

The last few months have shown that the possibility of free cancellation, rebookability, or voucher issuance have become important criteria in the search and booking of a trip. In order to make these properties available to a large number of OTDS users in a timely manner, version 2.1.1. and the backport version 1.9.4 were released on October 1, 2020. Thanks to the first-time use of a backport version, even those users who shy away from the effort of implementing the more recent versions can use the new Corona features with fewer efforts.

In addition to the two properties “FreeCancellation” and “FreeRebooking”, which have become relevant due to Corona, there is now also the property “BookableOnlyFor” on Unit level. The value “HoneyMooner” restricts the bookability of such marked rooms to wedding couples. Other values are conceivable here.

In addition, the list of accommodation target groups has been significantly extended in both OTDS 2.1.1 and 1.9.4. Properties like “GolfTourists”, “Cyclists” or “SingleWithChild” can be used to highlight accommodations that are especially suitable for these target groups.

Backport 1.9.4 also includes three downward compatible innovations from version 2.0: The integration of reference systems, the extension of the PriceType-Property by the values “FirstMinute”, “LastMinute”, “UltraLastMinute” and “UltraFirstMinute” as well as the addition of the value “Budget” in the UnitFacilities.

Further information is as always summarized in the changelogs for the new versions in the OTDS forum.