OTDS versions 2.1.2 and 1.9.5 with new “Corona-Properties” available

The Corona crisis has shown that the ability to display different cancellation or rebooking fees have become important criteria when searching and booking a trip. OTDS e.V. now addresses this demand with the release of the new version 2.1.2. This version, besides these more flexible options for cancellation and rebooking fees, also introduces a new property for optionally bookable addon services such as FlexibleCancellationOptions, TransferOptions or TourArrangements.

In order to make these properties available to a large number of OTDS users in a timely manner, they have been integrated not only in version 2.1.2, but also in a new backport version 1.9.5. This way, also users who shy away from the effort of implementing version 2.x can still use the new Corona features. Version 2.1.2 also eliminated constructs, such as PriceItemTags, which were demonstrably unused and unnecessarily increased the complexity of the format.

The new versions as well as their changelogs are available to all registered users in the OTDS Forum. Registration is non-binding and free of charge.