Z.I.E.L. expands the range of topics of the association as a new OTDS member

Z.I.E.L. GmbH, one of the leading providers of intelligent travel agency software solutions and services, has joined the circle of OTDS members on July 1.

The decisive factors to join for the company based in Lichtenfels, Bavaria, were that the OTDS format represents a standard in data transmission and that so many tour operators work with it. Since a great amount of the data that runs through the processes at Z.I.E.L. has the same origin, but different field names and interpretations, the OTDS standard will now ensure standardization. To this end, the format will be used in many enrichment processes and in the validation of existing data.

Gerd Laatz, Managing Director of Z.I.E.L. GmbH, sees yet another field of application for OTDS in the artificial intelligence solutions that the company is developing: “A prerequisite for AI is solid databases. With the OTDS standard, we can create better, uniform customer histories that are the basis for using AI. The detailed documentation of the format ensures clear definitions for the data transmitted with it and avoids duplicates, misnomers or misinterpretations.”