alltours successfully completes two major OTDS projects

The general reluctance to book vacations during the pandemic allowed the alltours IT team to shift some resources to best position IT processes for the restart. In recent months, two major OTDS-based projects were successfully completed:

The OTDS data delivery to Schmetterling was implemented within only two weeks – for Schmetterling’s managing director Ömer Karaca this proofs how much OTDS has become an established data standard. In the XENA search & compare tool, OTDS now ensures that, by taking flight alternatives into account, travel agents for their customers may search offers in a pool that is up to eight times larger that before. Despite the wide range of offers, the data quality is very high: availability is 95 percent, and the price correction rate is in the single-digit percentage range.

Since the fall of 2021, alltours has been supplying the Düsseldorf IT company Peakwork exclusively with OTDS data. There it is converted into the EDF-data format and fills the Peakwork players. The travel agency tool Travelviewer and various international sales channels have interface to these players to enquire up-to-date travel offers.

With the completion of these two IT projects, the presentation of offers in all relevant search & compare systems in the German market is now based on OTDS data produced from the alltours tour operator system WBS Blank. Christian Griese, group manager at alltours IT and responsible for the tourism systems, takes stock: “As a result, the entire alltours product portfolio is now visible and bookable in the market. At the same time, we benefit from a considerable simplification of internal processes because the OTDS data generated is the same for all processing entities.”

alltours has been a member of the OTDS association since 2013. The fourth-largest tour operator in Germany has been using OTDS for some time now via its tour operator system WBS Blank to supply Amadeus Deutschland, Traffics and Check24. Aaltours is known for its large, family-friendly vacation offering.