Präsentationen vom OTDS-Summit 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Hier finden Sie die Präsentationen des OTDS <Summit5> mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Referenten: Status Quo OTDS e.V. 2019. Steffi Schweden, OTDS e.V. OTDS StatusQuo_OTDSeV OTDS bei ISO Travel Solutions – OTDS für Spezialveranstalter. Sebastian Beck, ISO Travel Solutions ISO Travel_Sebastian Beck Multitalent OTDS bei Bewotec – Neue OTDS-Ansätze. Rüdiger Schmidt, Robert Hirsch, Niko Casalter, Frank Dolibois, Bewotec Neue Ansätze bei Bewotec_Bewotec Implementierung bei travel-IT – Strategie und Praxis-Bericht. Regina Mletzko, travel-IT Impementierung bei travel-IT_Regina Mletzko OTDS-Integration bei traffics. Jens Muskewitz, traffics OTDS-Integration bei traffics_Jens Muskewitz OTDS bei Olimar – Erfahrungen bei der […]


Zum OTDS Summit5 treffen sich Anwender und Interessenten in Bad Homburg

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Der Bad Homburger Bahnhof ist auch in diesem Jahr Treffpunkt für die OTDS-Macher, -Mitglieder, -Anwender und -Unterstützer. Angesichts des großen Know-Hows und Interesses, das sich am 26. November dort versammeln wird, nennen wir das mittlerweile fünfte Event dieser Reihe selbstbewusst „Summit“ und laden alle Interessenten herzlich ein. Zum Auftakt werden wir einen Überblick über den Stand der Verbreitung von OTDS geben, der von einem kritischen Blick auf die Metamorphose von OTDS vom Start-up- zum Grown-up-Standard gefolgt wird. Anschließend widmen wir uns schwerpunktmäßig den Use Cases von Anwendern – folgende Unternehmen werden von […]


Hotelplan Group contributes to the successful establishment of OTDS in Switzerland

Hotelplan Group joined OTDS e.V. on 1 July 2019 and will implement the data format of the same name in a variety of ways in the future:  OTDS will be used for the production as well as for the distribution of the travel offers of the entire Hotelplan Group. The IT team of Hotelplan Group, headed by CIO Pablo Castillo, will enter OTDS production in order to broaden the company’s technological base. The leading tour operator in Switzerland, Hotelplan Suisse, as well as other subsidiaries of the Group, such as the Holiday Home Division with the two holiday home brokers […]


OTDS goes Slovenia: Travel Tech provider ORS has opted for the format and joins the association

The Slovenian travel technology provider ORS, which brings tour operators, supplier and travel agencies together via its digital travel platform, is convinced of the advantages of the Open Travel Data Standard (OTDS): soon the travel content in ORS may therefore also be delivered in the OTDS format. Today ORS unites more than 120 tour operators from Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia in its system. Several of the German and Austrian tour operators have already converted their data production to OTDS, so they could deliver their travel offers in this efficient format as soon as ORS has set up its […]


Invia breaks new ground with OTDS

Invia Group, one of Europe’s leading travel agents, has joined the OTDS Association as of May 1st, 2019. The company, which among others operates the travel platform ab-in-den-urlaub.de in Germany, will thus actively follow the future developments of the Open Travel Data Standard promoted by the association: Invia customers will benefit directly from the improved data quality for those travel offers delivered in the OTDS standard. “In order to meet the increased customer needs in terms of diversity and choice, individuality, as well as flexibility and accuracy, we have decided to directly connect selected tour operators to our travel platform. […]


WBS Blank joins OTDS association

WBS Blank Software GmbH, the leading German tour operator system, joined the OTDS Association on April 1, 2019. The Offenbach-based technology company migrated its pilot customer Schauinsland-Reisen to OTDS in April 2015 and has since opened up the potential of the powerful Open Tourist Data Standard to many more of its tour operator customers, including Alltours, BigXtra, ETI, Bentour and BENX, byebye, Olimar and Phoenix. The special features of the tour operators migrated to OTDS are manifold – new facets of OTDS are developed and implemented by the WBS Blank team for almost every customer. However, all OTDS tour operators […]


Meet OTDS e.V. at the Travel Technology Night in Cologne!

When the industry’s technology experts meet on 7 May in Cologne for the fvw Travel Technology Day, the informal exchange in the evening is of course a must. Be there when the informative day evolves into the Travel Technology Night at Harry’s New York Bar at 5 p.m. and register by e-mail at steffi.schweden@otds.de. The OTDS association welcomes you together with the Germany’s leading trade magazine fvw! Until March 11th, fvw Travel Technology Day tickets will be available at an early bird rate. The focus will be on these highly relevant topics: NDC: How the sales department uses NDC in practice From […]


I killed KATI

This post from the Amadeus Blog we do not want to withhold from you: Amadeus News Board, 6 February 2019: Traveltainment says goodbye to the KATI format. For Stephanie Madée, Head of Solution Management Leisure Package Portfolio, and her team, it has been a moving moment – but: Long live OTDS! “The service will be held in our hearts at St. OTDS Church” – even a small obituary was made by the colleagues, and on the office door of Katrin from the Solution Management team there is still a sign with the inscription: “I killed KATI”. I also have the […]


Version change at OTDS: Version 2.1 is released

Along with the start of the new year, the OTDS format is also renewed: On January 15, 2019, version 2.1 was released. This version is largely downward compatible to the main version 2.0 except for a correction of one bug. OTDS 2.1 including its updated specification is now available on the Wiki page of the OTDS Forum. The only requirement for accessing the forum is a one-time, free registration in the upper part of this website. Among the most important new features of this version are: Revision BookingNameSpace @Class for Properties Extension of the update option for tags Simplification of the […]


Four new members for the OTDS association

The OTDS e.V. experiences a strong growth in membership numbers and users in recent months. On 1st September four more companies joined the association: the tour operators vtours and Adrialin Blue as well as the travel technology specialists a-five and TourOne Systems. Oliver Rengelshausen, Chairman of OTDS e.V., sees two reasons for the positive development: “On the one hand, many industry participants are realising that OTDS has established itself as a standard that benefits everyone. On the other hand, the OTDS Association modified its membership-fee model at the beginning of the year: The fee is now linked to the size […]