OTDS versions 2.1.2 and 1.9.5 with new “Corona-Properties” available

The Corona crisis has shown that the ability to display different cancellation or rebooking fees have become important criteria when searching and booking a trip. OTDS e.V. now addresses this demand with the release of the new version 2.1.2. This version, besides these more flexible options for cancellation and rebooking fees, also introduces a new […]


OTDS versions 1.9.4. and 2.1.1 with property updates released

The last few months have shown that the possibility of free cancellation, rebookability, or voucher issuance have become important criteria in the search and booking of a trip. In order to make these properties available to a large number of OTDS users in a timely manner, version 2.1.1. and the backport version 1.9.4 were released […]


New board members for the OTDS association

At the annual general meeting of OTDS e.V. the members elected a new board of directors. All seven positions had to be newly filled by rotation: three board members received a new mandate for their honorary office; four further candidates complete the board for the next three years. Due to Corona, the general meeting, which […]


With E-Systemy the OTDS association wins another Polish member

With the entry of the Polish travel technology company Elektroniczne Systemy Sprzedaży Sp. Z oo z o. o. (short: E-Systemy) OTDS e.V. successfully continues its internationalization tendencies. E-Systemy, founded 1999 in Wrocław, with 30 employees develops software for the Polish travel industry. The central product is the travel agency software MerlinX, which is popular in […]


Präsentationen vom OTDS-Summit 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Hier finden Sie die Präsentationen des OTDS <Summit5> mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Referenten: Status Quo OTDS e.V. 2019. Steffi Schweden, OTDS e.V. OTDS StatusQuo_OTDSeV OTDS bei ISO Travel Solutions – OTDS für Spezialveranstalter. Sebastian Beck, ISO Travel Solutions ISO Travel_Sebastian Beck Multitalent OTDS bei Bewotec – Neue […]


Zum OTDS Summit5 treffen sich Anwender und Interessenten in Bad Homburg

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Der Bad Homburger Bahnhof ist auch in diesem Jahr Treffpunkt für die OTDS-Macher, -Mitglieder, -Anwender und -Unterstützer. Angesichts des großen Know-Hows und Interesses, das sich am 26. November dort versammeln wird, nennen wir das mittlerweile fünfte Event dieser Reihe selbstbewusst „Summit“ und laden alle Interessenten herzlich ein. […]