OTDS in Use


Bewotec offers tour operators and distribution channels a wide variety of services and data based on OTDS and Bewotec’s decentralized Player technology.

Tour operators and other providers such as the FTI GROUP, Bentour, Luxair Tours and others benefit from the OTDS-Player, that hosts their products in the utmost level of detail with correct total prices (including e.g. discounts for children) and the confirmed availability. At the same time it allows for continuous updates. Distribution systems pull that current product data viaso-called Hubs. The OTDS-Player by Bewotec also fuel a number of high performing, userfriendly IBEs that tour operators implement on their company websites.

In addition the travel tech company Travel-IT connects to Bewotec’s OTDS-Players in order to forward inquiries originating in its travel agency tool LMplus or in its IBEs and to return up-to-date offers. Currently this has been realized for the tour operator Bentour.

The Flex Flight Player, which collects flight data of several airlines converted by Bewotec into OTDS (among others Air Berlin, Lufthansa, EasyJet, Condor, Germanwings, TUIfly, and Sun Express), allows complex search queries with extremely brief response times. The Flight Player delivers attractive flight content at high speed and quality not only to dynamically packaging tour operators but also to travel agencies working with Bewotec’s counter tool myJACK, where the flight search is based on the new Flex Player. As a result the high-quality OTDS-flight data become available and bookable in travel agencies as well.