OTDS in Use

FTI Group

The FTI GROUP was among the first to use OTDS – tour operator FTI Touristik as early as January 2014 delivered its Hotel-only offers in this open standard. In June 2015 also the packaged travel portfolio was migrated, modular offers and Datamix offers followed at year end 2015. In July 2016 the entire range of the Last-Minute brand 5vor Flug with the Hotel-only, packaged and X5VF-Datamix-offers were switched to OTDS. Step-by-step the Hotel-only and the Datamix-offers of the brand BigXtra as well as FTI offers in Switzerland were exported in the OTDS standard. Most recently all offers of the FTI-brands Sonnenklar TV, the packaged trips of BigXtra, and the offes of the latest acquisition in the FTI GROUP - Windrose - have been migrated.
The OTDS data increase the data quality of prices and availability in the Traveltainment systems and improve the ways of displaying the FTI-offers in BistroPortal and in the TT-IBEs. Also traffics promotes OTDS and integrated FTI and BigXtra data in its distribution system. In September 2016 Schmetterling as well successfully completed processing the Hotel-only OTDS data of FTI Touristik.
As FTI simultaneously operates an OTDS-Player by Bewotec, those high-class data are also available in the decentralized Player-Hub technology: Bewotec as well as travel-IT direct queries to the FTI-OTDS player.