OTDS in Use


In September 2016, the TUI Group, Germany's largest organizer launched its cross-border OTDS project and announced its completion in November 2017: In just over a year, ten tour operator brands (including TUI, Airtours, 1-2-Fly, Gulet and Terra) from the three TUI markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland with their hotel-only, package holiday and dynamic offers were completely converted to OTDS and initially delivered to Traveltainment for processing. Meanwhile, Traffics and Schmetterling have also integrated the TUI-OTDS.
The TUI offer data is converted from EDF format to OTDS and delivered to the caches of thesen distribution systems, which answer the search queries from travel agencies and travel portals with matching results.
The biggest challenge in the project - as the parties involved agreed - was the large volume of offers: after all, more than 20 billion TUI offer data records are already converted, transferred and processed daily; and the trend is rising continuously.